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World Educator Collaboration Network

What if I told you there was a World Educator Collaboration Network*?  And it’s free!  Would you want to be a part of it?

It does exist, and educators from around the world are currently involved.  It’s called Twitter!World Educator Collaboration Network

*My friend Adam Taylor (@2footgiraffe; founder of #SciStuChat, a chat between scientists and HS students) coined Twitter as the “World Educator Collaboration Network”.  You should follow him!




The purpose of Twitter is to connect with people.  Even if you aren’t ready to publish your own content, you can learn from others.  Lave and Wagner describe this as legitimate peripheral participation in a community of practice.

One of the reasons that people don’t utilize Twitter is because it’s overwhelming.  Mitch Kapor stated that “getting information off of the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant”.  The same holds true for Twitter!  However, if you can learn ONE new thing, you’ve accomplished something!  There are many tools to help you utilize Twitter effectively, and they are simple to set up!

Twitter_Fire Hydrant

Getting Started

Image credit: http://gravityjonesproject.com/resources/glossary-twitter-101/

Image credit: http://gravityjonesproject.com/resources/glossary-twitter-101/

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are an easy way to populate your network in a short amount of time.
Find ONE prominent person in your field and visit their Twitter Profile page.  Click on “Lists” to see lists that they curate as well as lists they follow.  Just one great list can give you a plethora of interesting people to follow.  This is a one-time set-up process.

Twitter Lists

Automating Twitter: AKA Making your life easy!

After you have followed thought leaders in your field, platforms such as Nuzzle curate the content on your Twitter network and send you a digest of only the most popular tweets directly to your inbox.

Join the conversation.  Don’t you want to know what was being said?

Twitter for Admin2


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