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Tweeting Teachers

Twitter tools

During Miami Device, we had over 8,000 tweets from only 350 participants!  George Couros discussed how if you didn’t know what a handle and hashtag were, you were becoming digitally illiterate.

In the week following Miami Device, we hosted after school sessions focusing on Twitter.  I’d like to commend our faculty- we had an amazing response with many teachers staying after each day to expand their knowledge!

Some of the resources that we discussed in our sessions:

Nuzzle- An email digest of the most popular stories from your Twitter network. SIMPLE!  You don’t even have to log in to Twitter to find out what is happening.  You can do everything right from your email inbox- including retweeting your favorite posts!

Tweetdeck– An easy way to follow multiple hashtags in simple columns.  Tweetdeck is my FAVORITE tool to use during conferences!

Flipboard- A free app for your mobile device that displays your Twitter feed in a beautiful magazine-style layout


Click through the photos below for examples:

One of the five after school sessions on Twitter


Felix Jacomino wrote a great post this week discussing Twitter Literacy: the difference between ‘at’ and ‘@’ on Twitter.

I was impressed to find many of our teachers embracing #SSEDS, our school hashtag.  Today I found great science videos and a music lesson on Twitter through our school hashtag!

Lastly, here is a video that I made a few years back introducing Twitter to Educators:

What are your favorite resources to manage Twitter?

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