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Reflections from Singapore

The trip to Singapore was another transformative step on our incredible journey in this doctoral program.  I feel as every new experience opens up unforeseen potential.  As many of my cadre mates stated, Singapore was never on my list of places that I intended to travel.  What an incredible experience- I’m so glad we had the opportunity to explore this amazing country through Pepperdine.  The international component of the program (along with the other travel) was a big draw for me in selecting Pepperdine.  I feel that these experiences offer a more holistic approach to our education.  I loved the literature for the Global Perspective class, and traveling to Singapore we got to experience it firsthand.  I feel that I have a renewed vigor for our educational system in the United States, particularly the role that technology can play in evolving the landscape of creativity and innovation in the formal learning setting.  I loved that the Singaporeans were still eager to learn; even though they have an amazing system in place- they know there is room for improvement.  That is an attitude that we could all adopt!  In visiting the International Schools, we were able to witness innovation and creativity firsthand.  My goal is to influence more of this type of learning in my current role as Associate Director of Technology.


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