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Research Skills: Effectively Searching, Citing and Determining Reliability
• Learn the difference between reliable and unreliable sources • Identify URL parts, & 6 Steps of Research • Discover strategies for Google search techniques • Discuss plagiarism  

Tech Tips for Parents
• Parent Resources • Parental Control Devices • Searching the Internet • Social Gaming •Prevent Distracted Driving • iPads at home

Tech Tips for Parents 2
• Facebook Tips • Pinterest • Hashtags Explained • Parental Control Apps/Recommendations • Calendar Help

Google Tips & Tricks 
Introduce participants to relevant Google tools to help increase their effectiveness and efficiency Takeaway: At least 3 tools that can make your life easier! Think of personal applications for you. How can this help you/your teachers?


iPads for Project-Based Learning
Discover new apps with innovative uses that you can take back to the classroom and implement tomorrow • Common Core & ISTE NETS aligned

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