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Pepperdine Capstone: Minecraft + Computational Thinking

Capstone Poster

Here’s an excerpt from my paper focusing on the learning theorists perspective and the potential benefits of Minecraft:

In Seymour Papert’s (1993) seminal book, Mindstorms, he describes the “child as a builder”. His tenets of constructionism focus on actively building intellectual structures. Minecraft can serve as a sandbox that when properly leveraged, can build knowledge structures that help people learn how to think. It can transform the process of learning into an active, self-directed process. Minecraft also allows the children to explore identity. Whether it’s the identity of a mathematician, explorer, architect, historian or physicist, Minecraft allows them the freedom to try on that identity without negative repercussions of being “wrong”. In these risk-free scenarios, the students can explore and experiment in a deeper way. Vygotsky (1978) posited that play was an essential part of learning: children experimenting with identities displayed levels of computation and performance beyond what is expected of their age.

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