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Healthy Cauliflower Rice Poke Bowl Recipe

Healthy poke bowl made with cauliflower rice

Since trying a poke bowl for the first time in San Diego a few months ago, my husband and I have become OBSESSED with them. Fortunately, we live in Miami, and poke is ubiquitous here too. My favorite thing about the bowls is that they are healthy and delicious! The only problem is that they can be slightly expensive. Today, I came home from work (after missing lunch and then going to the gym) and my husband made a homemade version of poke that was fantastic!  


Here’s his recipe for an amazing homemade (healthy!) poke bowl:

  • Fresh tuna from the seafood department of your local grocery store
  • Bird’s Eye Cauliflower Rice (frozen food section)
  • Seaweed Salad (Publix called it “seabreeze salad”; find it by the pre-made sushi)
  • Ponzu sauce (Kikkoman)
  • Lee’s Tokyo Sauce: Gourmet Japanese Sauce (basically spicy mayo)
  • Avocado
  • Scallions
  • Optional: sesame seeds, shredded carrots, wonton bits, and other seafood like salmon, shrimp, etc.

Video of Ingredients


Microwave your Bird’s Eye Cauliflower Rice for five minutes. You can also substitute actual rice if you would prefer, but the cauliflower rice has 80% fewer carbs. If you use cauliflower rice, it is also another serving of vegetables. Use rice (or spinach, or quinoa) as the base of your bowl, then add seaweed salad. Cut your ahi tuna into cubes (going with the grain of the fish) and layer it into the bowl.  Continue adding ingredients until your bowl is full. Pour one serving of Kikkoman’s Ponzu sauce into your bowl. Top with your creamy sauce- we like Lee’s Tokyo Sauce.  Finally, decorate your bowl with sesame seeds and wonton bits.  Enjoy!

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