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Games & Learning Society Conference




GLS, or the Games & Learning Society Conference, is an interesting juxtaposition between researchers and game developers.  In the world of academia, this event brought out some rock-stars!  I had the opportunity to interact with amazing thought leaders such as Yasmin Kafia, James Gee, Kurt Squire, and Danielle Fields.
IMG_0081 IMG_9131  We had the opportunity to preview emerging technologies.  The simulation room immerses the students in a virtual environment, like the rainforest canopy pictured here.


IMG_9136 IMG_9138



We had the opportunity to design, prototype and test a game of our own creation at the conference.  Designing a game made us reflect on the complex mechanics needed in order to create an engaging game.




Lastly, our cadre contemplated Engestrom’s Activity Theory.  This theory takes a meta-view to draw out tensions in a system.

If you are looking for an amazing learning experience, I highly recommend attending GLS!


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