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Choosing A Career: Jobs of the Future

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Are you wondering how to get the most out of your career? Do you feel stuck in your current job- or are you trying to choose a career?  I’ve got great news for you! The internet has opened up unlimited resources for career advancement.  ‘Landing Your Dream Job’ is a series of blog tutorials designed to help you land your dream job.
This the first blog in the series, and it will cover personality assessments and
My husband jokes that I am a professional job hunter. It’s kind of what I did as a hobby for a long time before I landed my DREAM JOB! Along the way, I learned the best sites to use, and how to discover career paths you didn’t even know existed!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s a question we ask five-year-olds, but we don’t give a lot of options to them. Firefighter, astronaut, doctor, policeman, teacher. Sound familiar? Throughout a student’s school career, that doesn’t change much. Many students aren’t exposed to potential careers. They go to college and choose a generic major like ‘business’. What does that even mean? What do you do with that? If you have ever asked yourself, ‘how do I find a career’ then keep reading- this post is for you!

Personality tests

The first step in choosing a career path is to determine more about yourself.  Try taking a personality test, like this fast and easy one at 16personalities.com. They compile 16 personality types (based on Myers Briggs assessment) which are made up of a combination of extroversion (E), introversion (I), sensing (S), intuition (N), thinking (T), feeling(F), judging (J) and perceiving (P).

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The results coordinate to Myers Briggs personalities, but 16personalities assigns these cute little avatars that explain the personalities types. If you take their free assessment, you also get a little profile that gives you an overview of your personality type, including a career path section.

Photo Credit: 16personalities.com

It is important to note that these free online versions are an abbreviated version of the full test, which could provide more sophisticated results. Additionally, results can be taken with a grain of salt- just because you score one way on this test doesn’t lock you out of potential careers. This assessment highlights potential strengths and weaknesses associated with different personality tests, so it gives insights that could be helpful in the workplace.

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Best Jobs of the Future

Evolving technology means that the job landscape is changing.  Careers of the future will be different from today's jobs. What are the jobs of the future? Watch the interesting video 'Humans Need Not Apply' to learn more. The top jobs of the future are the jobs that can't be automated by machines.

Are you wondering which jobs will be stable or experience growth in the future?  Try looking into things like Data Scientist. Big data is huge in all areas of corporate life. Machines can crunch the numbers, but it takes a human to clean the data and analyze if it has value. Sadly, I was scared away from any careers that required a strong math background. Math is my weakest academic area, as many people can relate to. In graduate school, I discovered statistics. If you think you hate math, but you are looking for a career change/career path, I implore you to check out statistics. Statistics are more about the story than the numbers themselves. Computer programs like Stata or SPSS will do all of the number crunching for you!

Find Potential Jobs That Pay Well 

If you are looking for jobs that pay well, check out TheLadders. Their claim to fame: #1 career site for six-figure jobs. Maybe the job you are seeking today isn’t on there- but you might get inspired and find a dream job. Check out the qualifications and experience. Bingo! There’s your roadmap that you can start working on now.

Indeed has an interesting job employment category trend section.

Photo Credit: Indeed.com

Careerbuilder has an 'Explore Careers Feature', which can be good to discover other job titles to search for.  This feature helps you determine other jobs that are related to your field.  As an educator, I started looking at training jobs.  I discovered the field of instructional design, which I didn’t even know existed!

Photo Credit: CareerBuilder.com

3 Big Takeaways

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    Take a personality test to define your strengths, weaknesses and


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    Be mindful of ‘Jobs of the Future’ so you will stay relevant- and employed!
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    Explore Career Insights to find the name of jobs you would potentially be interested in applying for

Action Items

Create a list for yourself of all the potential job titles you are interested in.  If you see a job you aren’t qualified for now, copy those qualifications down and keep them in a spreadsheet.  Those are the skills you need to work on building in your current job or in school.

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Once you have the job titles, you can start your search for your new career.  Learn how in the second blog post in the series How to Land Your Dream Job. Coming soon!

Blog 2: 'How to Search for a Job Online' Coming Soon!

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